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A Night to Remember

I was getting ready for my missions fundraising dinner when I began to recieve text messages from people saying they were not going to be able to make it to the event. I began to feel a little discourage. I ask God, "Can I get one text from someone saying they are coming?" No answer. A few hours passed and I recieved more messages from people saying they were not able to make it. I prayed to God saying, "God, I don't know who is showing up tonight. But I pray that this night be for your glory."

It was time for the event to start. People began to come. I was excited to see that people were here! But then they kept coming, more and more of them. We actually had to set up additional tables! I had this overwhelming feeling from God, I was overfilled with joy. We had over 100 people come! The night couldn't have gone any better. Glory was brought to God that night. I loved that I was able to share with my church family and friends my heart for Togo. I was also incredibly blessed by two veteran missionaries that I have looked up to most of my life share words of wisdom for me. As the evening ended we totaled up what was given. $2,200 was raised that night! An additional nearly $3,000 came in the days following the dinner! I want to say thank you to everyone who helped put the dinner together and everyone who came. It meant so much to me and was a huge blessing. I'm excited to share that I am officially at the 26% mark of all my funds raised!


Togo Fundraising Dinner was a success!

Lots of new ministry partners!

Hitting the 26% mark on my funds raised!

Prayer Requests

Missions Conference at my home church starts tomorrow (3/9/18)

- Pray for edurance for me and the other missionaries as its a busy weekend

- I'm leading 2 kids events. Pray for the kids that they will listen for what God has for them.

- I'm leading the college/career group. Pray that they will listen for what God has for them.

Reaching my next mark, 50%!

Serving in Him,

Liz Ortiz

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