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  • Liz Ortiz


During the last two years of learning the French language, I mostly felt like an actress who was trying to figure out her lines and what she was supposed to say next. A few weeks ago, something changed in my head. For the first time, I felt like myself when speaking the language; it felt natural. I don’t know what exactly caused this change, but I am thankful for it. There have been lots of ups and downs on this language-learning journey. I’m thankful that I can now feel the progress that I have made. Praise the Lord!

I had the opportunity to share my testimony and ministry with all the students and staff on campus during our weekly chapel. It went great! I was nervous before ; but when I began my presentation, I felt peace and confidence. Praise the Lord! I received lots of positive feedback after my testimony. I am thankful for the opportunity that I had to share how God has been working in my life and the ministry in Togo.

What a blessing having a van has been! Every Sunday, my van is filled with students whom I take to church with me. During the week, I use the van to take friends out for coffee, go thrift shopping, or go exploring. This month I helped a friend move. A group of us packed my van to the brim with her belongings and unpacked all things to her new apartment. It was blessing to be able to help my friend in this way. I am so thankful for my van and the ministry tool that it has been! Please pray for me as I begin my trip home on December 17th . I will be driving from Québec to Michigan. Please pray that my van would do well on this trip and I wouldn’t have any issues.

My goal this semester is to end my time in Québec well. I believe I have been doing that. This month I enjoyed game nights, dinners, helping prepare an American Thanksgiving, and hosting parties. I have loved spending time with friends. And most of the events have been in French! It has been encouraging to my heart that I am now having fun in the language and enjoying it. What a blessing!

I have two weeks left of the semester! Time has gone by quickly. Thank you all who prayed for my big French test that I needed to take. I got my test results back. I have my weak and strong points in the language. But overall, I did well. I'm happy with the results. I have one week left of regular class and then finals week. Please pray for the other students and me as we prepare to finish the course. Please pray that I would not be overwhelmed with the packing and cleaning I need to do before I leave. Please pray for my heart as I get ready to say good-bye to a place I have called home for two years and the many friends I have made here.

God bless,

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

  •  Pray for me on December 17th, when I begin driving back to Michigan from Québec.

  •  Pray that I will prepare well for final exams.

  •  Pray that I will not be overwhelmed with the packing and cleaning I need to do before I leave.

  •  Pray for me as I prepare to say good-bye to Québec.

  •  Pray that I end my time in Québec well.

  •  Pray for wisdom as I am preparing for the move to Togo in January

  •  Pray for the Bible and Language school students

  •  Pray for patience and diligence as I study and learn the French language.

  •  Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!


  •  Praise God for encouraging times with friends!

  •  Praise God that my testimony during the chapel went well!

  •  Praise God for the completion of my big French test!

  •  Praise God for my van and the blessing it is!

  •  Praise God for approval to buy my plane tickets for Togo!

  •  Praise God for family!

  •  Praise God for the apartment!

  •  Praise God for progress in the language

  •  Praise God for the wonderful community here at Parole de Vie.

  •  Praise God for all my wonderful partners!

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