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I'm heading back to Togo!

It was the summer of 2016, and I had been serving with a missions team in Togo. As our time in Africa was coming to an end and we made our way to the airport, I reflected on my time in Africa. Could God be calling me to do something like this full time? Would I ever see Togo again? By the time I stepped onto the plane and got ready for take off, I had a feeling that I

would be back again.

Two years later, and I'm heading back to Togo! I am flying out September 30th. Thank you everyone who has supported me on this journey! I'm excited to see how God will use me and what He has to teach me this next year.

Praises: I was able to get a replacement computer and another camera body for my work. Thankful for all the people who have encouraged me to step out in faith. I'm 100% financially supported!

Prayer Requests: Smooth transition as I move to Africa. My family, and especially my little brother, who will miss me. Good health and ability to adapt to a very hot and humid climate. Serving in Him, Liz Ortiz

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