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Big Celebrations to End the Year

December is usually a busy month in the States, with lots of holiday celebrating. Togo is no exception, and this month has been filled with celebrating the birth of Christ. The last two years the woman who was living in the house that I live in now hosted a Christmas Day brunch. Shortly after I arrived, I was asked if I would be willing to host, since it had become something of a tradition. When I said yes, little did I know what I had signed up for. On Christmas Day, I had no fewer than 60 people at my house! We set up tables and chairs outside, and there was lots of fun, food, fellowship, and laughter. It was a great day celebrating Christmas.

When I went to the school to work with Jonas, the week before Christmas, they showed a movie of the Christmas story in French. Jonas sat right in the front to watch the movie. Although, he couldn’t hear it, his eyes were glued to the screen. His teacher approached me and expressed an interest in learning sign language. She wants to reach all of her students, including Jonas. Her number one concern was how Jonas could memorize and recite Bible verses with his class. It brought me great joy that this teacher wants to reach Jonas for Christ.

December has also been a busy month of photo shoots and filming. I filmed many different scenes for a couple of videos for the hospital. On one of the filming days, there was a 14-year-old boy suffering from kidney failure. Just a few days before Christmas, I was happy to learn that his kidneys were healing and he was cleared to go home! As he was waiting for discharge, I noticed that he was holding something under his shawl. It was a Bible. He was literally clinging to it. The hospital here is viewed by the community as a symbol of hope. People come here because they are physically sick, but they learn that they are spiritually sick as well, and they are presented with the Gospel. Many, like the boy, cling to their new Bible because of the hope they have found in Christ.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for wisdom in how to reach and teach Jonas and his teacher.

Pray for balance in my time as I choose which projects to take on and what to say no to.

Pray for continued growth in missionary and Togolese friendships.

Pray that I will continue to adapt well to the dry/hot season.


Praise God that Jonas’ teacher has a desire to learn sign language and reach him for Christ!

Praise God that I was able to finish two videos for the hospital this month.

Praise God for good health and the ability to adapt well to the hot season.

Praise God that the Wi-Fi signal has been strong some days, and I was able to video call my family on Christmas.

Joyeux Noel,

Liz Ortiz

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