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Count on it

Since the pandemic started, we all have shared a fair amount of changed plans and cancelations. It feels good that things are getting back to normal and you can count on plans again. It had been two years since ABWE had held their annual Missionary Enrichment Conference. Missionaries on prefield, furlough, or retired are invited to come for a time of encouragement and enrichment. There were around 600 missionaries, children and ABWE staff in attendance this year!

The conference was held in Pittsburgh, and several of my teammates who were on furlough, prefield, or retired were there. It was great to connect with them. I saw many other friends at the conference. We all felt like one big happy family. I left the conference feeling encouraged and with my heart full of love for my ABWE family.

I hit the ground running when I returned to Michigan for the summer break. My youngest brother Philip graduated from high school this year. We had his open house a week after I arrived. It was a fun day with family and friends. Please be praying for Philip that God would guide his steps as he starts this next chapter in his life. He will be studying computer science at Hope College.

It has been good to be home for the break and to be able to spend time with friends and family. I was also able to visit a partner church! It has been a busy summer filled with many wonderful moments.

On August 29th, I will return to Québec to continue my language training. I shared in my last newsletter that I was looking for a car to bring back with me to Canada. I am still looking for one. Would you please pray that I would be able to find one soon?

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement during this journey. It means so much to me. God is at work, and I am excited for His leading in my life.

God bless,

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

● Pray that I would be able to find a vehicle to take back to Canada with me.

● Pray for opportunities for me to practice speaking French while I am home.

● Pray for patience as I study and learn the French language.

● Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!

● Pray for more opportunities for me to practice signing.


● Praise God for an encouraging time at the Missionary Enrichment Conference!

● Praise God for this time that I can be home.

● Praise God that my little brother, Philip, finished high school!

● Praise God for the wonderful community here at Parole de Vie.

● Praise God for all my wonderful partners!

● Praise God that Jonas is doing well in school


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