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Demo and back

It had been a long drive from Quebec to Pennsylvania, but the trip was good. Léonie and I were headed to ABWE headquarters for the 24-hour demo. As we turned onto the street that ABWE is on, I told Lèonie, "It feels like I'm going home." Over the last few years, I have been to ABWE for various trainings, and I have always enjoyed my time there. I have made many friends at ABWE, many who feel like family. It felt good to be back.

We had a great time at the 24-hour demo event. We both connected with many people. I was able to share about Togo and answer questions about the process of joining ABWE. It was an encouraging time. I also got to meet up with my friend and future neighbor in Togo, Hannah! It was fun catching up, and I can’t wait until we are back in Togo together.

When we arrived back in Quebec, there were two weeks left of the semester. The language school went on a field trip to the Coaticook Gorge, which is a great place to hike. There is a massive bridge over the gorge. It is a beautiful sight. However, the bridge sways and I don’t like heights. One of my professors offered her arm as we crossed the bridge. Thankfully, we made it across without me falling. We had tour guides on the hike. It was interesting to learn more about the gorge and about Quebec. It was a fun day.

Although field trips are fun, there was a day of class that I liked more. I was the only student in class. The others all had travel plans at the same time. During the conversation class, we start off with prayer, followed by sharing our personal devotions, and then we share information of some kind. I brought in one of my crafts that I had prepared for the summer camp. My professor asked what it was. I explained that it was a cross inspired by the wordless book and that each color represented something. I had created a text for the back of the cross explaining the colors with Bible verse references. He asked if I wanted to go over it. I said yes, and the next hour we worked on my pronunciation. It was the first time that I had shared the plan of salvation completely in French. What a joyful moment! I also finished another semester and did well on my exam! Praise the Lord! Another joyful moment!

The first week of camp is done. There were some challenges, but overall, it went great! I will share more about camp ministry in my next newsletter. Please continue to pray for the campers as God is working in their lives, for the staff as we share God’s love, and for my French as I lead two activities.

Thank you for all your love, encouragement, and support on this journey. It’s exciting to see the progress being made in the language and to know that I’m getting closer to Togo! Next month, while there are no classes or camp, I will be heading home for a few weeks. I will be making preparations for my move to Togo, as well as spending time with family and friends. Then at the end of August my final semester at language school starts! Time is moving quickly, but I’m doing my best to enjoy the moments.

God bless,

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the craft time and that I can lead it well.

  • Pray for my speaking confidence in French and that I can communicate well.

  • Pray for the hearts of the campers as God works in them.

  • Pray for the camp staff for strength and energy and that we can share God’s love well.

  • Pray that I would not be anxious about French

  • Pray for Léonie and me as we share an apartment

  • Pray for patience and diligence as I study and learn the French language.

  • Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!


  • Praise God for a good and encouraging time at ABWE’s 24 Hour Demo.

  • Praise God for safety as Léonie and I traveled to and from ABWE.

  • Praise God that I did well on my final exam!

  • Praise God for the opportunity to serve at summer camp here in Quebec!

  • Praise God for camp ministry!

  • Praise God for the apartment!

  • Praise God for progress in the language

  • Praise God for the wonderful community here at Parole de Vie.

  • Praise God for all my wonderful partners!


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