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  • Liz Ortiz

One Month in

Lizards and frogs are everywhere!

It was one of my first nights in Togo, and I was in the middle of taking a shower when the power went out. Someone had told me to count to 7 in my head, and that’s usually when the power would come back on. Thankfully, it did, and I finished my shower. As I was stepping out, a frog hopped in! I was startled by the frog and quickly left the restroom. As I sat down on my bed, I heard a scurry across the floor. I covered my mouth not to scream, yanked my feet off the floor, and looked all around the room to see if I could spot any four-footed intruders from the safety of my bed. Nothing. A few minutes passed, and I worked up the courage to look under my bed. Nothing there either. I looked up near the ceiling and saw a 3 inch lizard. I was relieved it wasn’t a mouse. I turned on the fan, and he scurried off. There are lots of differences here in Togo from the States. I’m learning to embrace the difference and to love life here.

I’ve had some wonderful opportunities already. I have visited 3 different schools. I have loved observing the teachers and students. How education is done here is different from my experiences, and it fascinates me. One day I got to assist teaching English to 3 different elementary classes. It was fun, and the kids were eager to learn. As many of you know, special education is near and dear to my heart. I’m excited about some other opportunities to possibly work with students with special needs in the school system. Plans are in the works, and I can’t wait to share them with you when I can!

A special treat was that my former pastor and now the president of ABWE, Paul Davis and his wife, came to visit Togo. They also brought a videographer from my church, Roger Littlepaige. It was fun having them around for a week. It felt like a piece of home was in Togo with me. I followed the leadership team around with my camera as they were taking tours of the different ministries for ABWE headquarters. On Sunday nights we have missionary church, so last Sunday Paul spoke. It was nice hearing him preach again. It feels a little surreal that a year ago he was announcing he was leaving my church for ABWE, and now a year later we met up again in Togo.

Prayer Requests:

  • Language Study: I have been struggling to pick up the language. Pray that I will be diligent in my study of French

  • Balance: I don’t want to be overwhelmed with projects, there are so many opportunities. Pray that I will be wise in setting priorities and knowing when to say no.


  • I been in Togo for one month, and I’m adapting well to the heat! However, hot season is coming. Pray that I will continue to adapt well.

  • Thankful for the friendships I’m forming with the fellow missionaries. They have made me feel welcome here.

  • The ABWE leadership team had a good visit. It was great to connect with Pastor Paul and Martha again.

Serving in Him,

Liz Ortiz

A quick video I put together of students from the Village of Light (also known as the blind school) singing praises. This video will make your heart smile.

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