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Launching my New Site!

Welcome to my site! I am so excited to officially launch it. Thank you for coming along this journey with me. Here I will be posting the latest updates and prayer requests.

A friend of mine has just returned to the states after serving in Togo for a year. It has me thinking of how different life will be for me this time next year. It will be my first Christmas away from my family. And instead of a winter wonderland, (as in the words of my friend) it will be an eternal summer. Even though the seasons don't really change in Togo, it has me excited to see what change God is bringing to Togo. And that I can not wait for!

Praise Him for:

7 new ministry partners!

Supportive home church

The launch of my ministry

Prayer for:

Missions Conference in March at my home church

(I'm planning the kids/young adult events, and producing videos for the conference.)

Planning for my fundraising dinner (details to come soon!)

Reconnecting with old friends

Making new connections

Trust in God

Serving in Him,

Liz Ortiz

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