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My Top 3 of 2017

This past week has been a time of reflection of 2017 and looking ahead at 2018. As I look back at 2017 one thing stands out, God is good and faithful. Never once did He let me down. Even in moments of uncertainty , He was there. I thought I would share with you my top 3 from 2017 and a few highlights for 2018.

1. Committed to Togo

During the end of 2016 I felt God calling me to serve in Togo, Africa. In 2017 I took the next steps to commit to Togo. I went to training at ABWE's headquarters and also joined my church's global outreach team to prepare to go to Togo in 2018.

2. Children's ministry

I love serving in children's ministry at my church. I took on some new opportunities this year including teaching Cubbies in our Awana program and teaching preschool Sunday school. I love seeing their eagerness to learn about God.

One of my favorite weeks of ministry was Vacation Bible School week. I served alongside people who were on fire for God. And saw numerous children give their hearts to God.

3. New job

At the beginning of the year I was hired in at my alma mater, Holland Public Schools to work as an aide in a special education classroom. The kids I work with have both physical and conginative disabilities. It has given me so much joy working in this room. God has taught me so much working with these kids. One lesson that I learned from a student I will call "Freddy" is about being content. "Freddy" can not talk or walk, but he always has a smile on his face. Even with his disabilities, I have never met anyone more happy and content than him. When I"m having a bad day, I think of Freddy and that usually brings a smile. I'm thankful that I can work and learn from kids like Freddy.

Looking forward to 2018

Its hard to believe that 2017 has come to a close. I'm excited tho, for what God has in store for this year. One thing coming up quickly is my Togo fundraising dinner on Saturday January 13th at 6pm. I hope you will come out to it. I will be sharing about my plans for Togo.

Praise Him for:

9 new ministry partners!

Supportive home church

Prayer for:

Missions Conference in March at my home church

(I'm planning the kids/young adult events, and producing videos for the conference.)

Togo Fundraising Dinner (Saturday, January 13th 6pm at Calvary Baptist)

Serving in Him,

Liz Ortiz

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