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Watch your Step!

Children gather under a tree to hear the sermon Easter Sunday.

My heart nearly leapt out of my chest when I looked down. My next step was about to be on a viper! I quickly sidestepped to avoid the two-foot snake that slithered past me. No one else was around, so I quickly ran to the nearest house to alert them of the danger. “There’s a snake and I nearly stepped on it!” We called the gardener and went on a snake hunt. There are many poisonous snakes in West Africa, and when you see a viper, you want to get rid of it before someone gets bitten and possibly killed. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the snake. We never know when our last step will be. Mine could have been then! But the Lord protected me. It is my prayer that each step that I take will be to follow Him.

It has been exciting seeing the deaf ministry here develop and grow. We had a chance to visit the deaf school again to share the gospel. The students asked lots of great questions. They are eager to learn more. There are wide open doors to continue to teach them about the love of God. As we left the school, we all agreed that we would love to see a Christian school for the deaf started in Togo. Would you please pray about this?

This has been a full month. I started off in South Africa for the West Africa Regional Conference. There were well over 100 people at the event. It was a refreshing time for the missionaries and their families as they stepped away from ministry for a week. Although I was busy photographing the event, it was encouraging time for me as well. I was able to spend some time with Paul and Martha Davis. I was also able to get to know missionaries from other regions of West Africa and learn their stories.

South Africa was quite a bit cooler than Togo. It got as low as the 60s! When I returned to Togo I engulfed back into the upper 90s temps. It’s taken awhile to get used to it again, but God is good and has given me the strength to adapt.

One of the perks of having a media ministry is that I get to see first-hand so many different ministries. One of the families that I focused on this month has their ministry in aviation. On my birthday, I got to fly in the small plane across Togo! The view was wonderful! I am so grateful for opportunities like this one and many others I have experienced. The Lord has been so good to me. He has protected and guided me in every step I take. (including protecting me from snakes!) I pray that the Lord will continue to direct me steps during my last five months in Togo and the rest of my life.


God protected me from the snake!

The opportunity to share a clearer gospel at the deaf school

Encouraging and refreshing time in South Africa

Pray Requests

Please pray that God will continue work in the hearts of the Deaf students

Please pray for a full time ASL Interpreter missionary – such a huge opportunity for one!

Please pray for wisdom in time management

Following step by step,

Liz Ortiz

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