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  • Liz Ortiz

A Season of Waiting

It feels strange to think that I have been back in the states for 3 months now. Togo feels like a distant dream. I miss it so much. Every day, I pray for God’s guidance, and each day I feel the strong reassurance that He is calling me back to Togo. But for now, He has called me here in a season of waiting and growing.

I can’t say that I enjoy waiting. I had started feeling discouraged that I didn’t have a vehicle and needed to rely on others to give me rides. However, after nearly two months of searching for a vehicle, I found one! I am grateful and praising God, not only for the car, but also that through the process, God was teaching me to rely on His timing. Psalm 27:14 ESV: "Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!"

I am praising God for my friend Christy who checks in and gives me updates on how Jonas and the other deaf students are doing. Jonas started at the deaf school in January. A Christian Togolese family took Jonas in because the school is too far from his home. The adjustment was hard at first, but he seems to be doing fine. Christy says Jonas smiles when he sees her and seems to be picking up sign language well.

Mensah, the father of the family that took Jonas in, works as a teacher at the Christian school. Because of Jonas, he has a desire to learn sign language. He says if he can learn it well, he would like to evangelize the deaf in Togo. This makes my heart full of joy! I’m excited to hear about how God is continuing to work in this new ministry in Togo. If you would like to financially help with Jonas’ school fees or future deaf ministry projects, you can give here:

I’m looking forward to sharing about God’s work in Togo during my home church's missions conference, March 15 - 22. Please pray for wisdom as I prepare. I’ll have the opportunity to share these things that are on my heart, during a Sunday school session, a Saturday seminar, and children’s church. It will be two full weekends, plus a Friday evening potluck dinner. Pray that God would be glorified at this conference, in Togo, and all around the world.

I shared in my last newsletter about a special media training in Nicaragua with the ABWE Storytellers. I have gone on storytellers trips before; however, this is a very special advanced trip. I will be working alongside and learning from the best media specialists who work with companies such as ESPN and Chick-fil-A. The trip is April 18-25, 2020, and it will be an invaluable experience for me and my ministry. Thank you to you who have already given! I only need to raise $1,700 more! If you like to give, you can go to:

Thank you all who have welcomed me back with open arms! As much as I desire to be in Togo, it feels good to be back. I love when you ask me questions about Togo or say that you're praying for me. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I’m excited to see how God is moving, even in this season of waiting.

Liz Ortiz


- Praise God for a provision of a vehicle!

- Praise God surgery to have wisdom teeth removed went well!

- Praise God for grace during this transition, anxiety is improving!

- Praise God that Jonas’ adjustment is going well!

  • If you like to help with his school fees or future deaf ministry projects give here:

Prayer Requests:

- Pray for a job. I have had 3 interviews that I’m waiting to hear back on.

- Pray for CBC’s mission’s conference March 15th – 22nd and my role in it

- Pray for remaining funds for the Storytellers Training on April 18th – 25th

  • If you like to give go here:

- Pray as I prepare for a doctrinal exam where I defend my faith. This part of the process to become an ABWE career missionary.

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