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  • Liz Ortiz

Moving Forward

Imagine not having the Scriptures in your heart language. There are over 400 sign languages in the world, and none has had a complete Bible until now. On June 20th, Deaf Missions finished the complete Bible in American Sign Language Version (ASLV). It was worked on for 38 years with 40 different Bible translators, 4 consultants, three generations of Deaf signers and the American Deaf Community. How exciting is that! Please be praying for other signed translations, as there are still many deaf communities without access to God’s Word in their heart language.

Some other exciting news this month is that I took my doctrinal exams for ABWE. These exams are an important step in becoming a full time missionary. The exams went great, and I passed! Thank you for praying for me during these exams. I’m excited to be moving forward.

On July 8th, I will be driving to Pennsylvania for New Missionary Orientation (NMO) at ABWE headquarters. After the training, I will be an official ABWE missionary! The training is from July 10th-17th. I am heading to PA earlier than the event to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law who live 2 hours from ABWE headquarters. Please be praying for safe travels and that the training will go well.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support! The Lord is good and faithful. Its exciting to see Him work!

Liz Ortiz


  • Praise God that my doctrinal exams went well!

  • Praise God that Deaf Missions completed the 1st Bible translation in ASL!

  • Praise God for good health!

  • Praise God that Jonas is home, safe with his family!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for safety as I travel to PA on July 8th to visit my brother and sister-in-law before attending the New Missionary Orientation at ABWE headquarters July 10th-17th.

  • Pray that the NMO training would go well and that God would be honored.

  • Pray for health and safety for my family during the pandemic. Especially for my dad because he is in the high risk group.

  • Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!

  • Pray for more opportunities for me to practice signing

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