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Finally Summer

After a long Québec winter, it is finally Summer! I have always enjoyed this season. Growing up in West Michigan, summer meant lots of sunshine, swimming in the lake, campfires, playing outside and having lots of fun. However, the thing I looked forward to most about summer was Lake Ann Camp. I loved camp. As soon as camp was over, I would immediately start counting down the days until I could go back again. I have many fond memories of Lake Ann, from silly games to no-hands eating spaghetti dinner challenge. However, what I admired most about Lake Ann is how it helped grow me in my faith. “Discover Life at its Best” is the camp’s slogan. Each summer I felt like I did discover life at its best because while at camp I was taught Biblical truths, given challenges for my faith, and grew closer to God. I am thankful for the impact that camp had on my life. Not only did I get to experience Lake Ann as a camper, I also got to work there! Lake Ann was my first job. It was fun to be part of camp in a different way and see how it is used as a ministry. Lake Ann will always have a special place in my heart.

In July, Parole de Vie is having Summer camp. I have been asked to lead the craft time and be a videographer, which are like two of my favorite things! I am excited for this opportunity! It will be a challenge because all the activities will be in French. Please pray for my French as I take on this ministry opportunity. I am so excited to see how God will work in camp this summer. Please pray for the staff as we prepare for camp and that many campers would come to know Christ. Not only am I leading the crafts, I get to come up with them too! This month I spent time researching and testing out different craft ideas. It was fun! The camp has an outer space theme, and one of the days is specifically a Star Wars theme. I tried to have the crafts go with the theme of camp. My favorite craft is the cross. It is inspired by the Wordless book. On the back of the project will be a print out with an explanation for each color for the plan of Salvation. Would you pray with me for the craft time and that I could lead it well? I’m looking to raise $200 for the craft materials needed for this ministry. If you would like to give to this project you can give at:

This last month I have been taking a conversation intensive course. One of the days, the language school took a field trip to the Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s Museum. I had gone on this field trip last year, it was encouraging realizing how much more French I understand now. I have enjoyed conversation course and feel my French becoming stronger. This semester is shorter, so we are only a few weeks away from finishing it! I won’t have class during Summer camp, but I will definitely be practicing lots of French language skills during that time!

On June 8th , Léonie and I will be driving to US for ABWE’s 24 hour DEMO! I am looking forward to being back at ABWE headquarters and seeing friends there. We will be returning to Québec on June 11th , so it is a short trip. Please pray for safety as we travel and that it would be an encouraging time for the both of us.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I am grateful for each of you. I am excited for the ministry opportunities this Summer and how God will challenge and grow me as well.

God bless,

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for Léonie and me as we drive to PA on June 8th -11th for ABWE’s 24 Hour DEMO

  • Pray for the preparations of summer camp and that many would come to know the Lord through the camp!

  • Pray that I would not be anxious about French

  • Pray for Léonie and me as we share an apartment

  • Pray for patience and diligence as I study and learn the French language.

  • Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!


  • Praise God for an update on Jonas! Read it below!

  • Praise God that the conversation course is going well!

  • Praise God for the opportunity to serve at summer camp here in Quebec!

  • Praise God for camp ministry!

  • Praise God for the apartment!

  • Praise God for progress in the language

  • Praise God for the wonderful community here at Parole de Vie.

  • Praise God for all my wonderful partners!

Jonas Update: A German group that specializes in problems of the ear/hearing came to Togo. Long story short, Jonas' hearing was tested, and he received a hearing aid for his left ear! Praise the Lord! I'm so proud of Jonas and all that he has accomplished. I look forward to seeing him in a few months!


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