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Puppets, Coin Wars, Baby, Oh My!

As a teen, I loved helping my family out with children’s church. On Saturday nights, my dad and I would sometimes stay up late writing puppet scripts. The next day my friends and I would perform the puppet skit with my dad doing the voices. I loved growing up in this ministry. This month I was asked if I could share about my ministry with kids at VBS. I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to incorporate the puppets into my ministry. What made it extra special, was I had my dad record the puppet voices ahead of time. I shared first at a backyard VBS at friend’s home in Pennsylvania. I then shared at VBS at my home church. I had fun connecting with the kids and sharing about missions. The kids at both VBSs raised money for me to go to Togo. Together, they raised almost $1,000! Praise the Lord!

DJ, Ani, and I have been doing our own VBS style Bible study. We have been working through ABWE’s “The Story of Hope.” After each lesson, we would hang up a picture from our story on the “Bible doors” This month we finished the study! It has been a joy to study God’s Word with them. I also have made progress with “T” on “The Story of Hope." We are almost done. Please be praying for “T” that the Lord would open his eyes to the truth.

This month I had 3 events at ABWE: Panelist Discussion, Global Celebration Day, and Essential Missions Components. Praise the Lord that all the events went well. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new ones. I even got to go mini golfing with some future Togo teammates! I learned a lot at these events, and I look forward to applying this knowledge to my ministry.

I had a few free days in between my events at ABWE, so I decided to take a quick trip out to Lynchburg, VA to visit some friends. I had a great time reconnecting with people. I also walked around Liberty University to see all the changes that they have made since I was student (it’s a lot!).

The most exciting thing that happened during this busy month was that my niece was born! Stephanie (Stephy) Faith Ortiz was born July 18, 2021. She is named after my mom. I was able to meet her after I returned from EMC at ABWE. What a precious bundle of joy! Mom and baby are both healthy and happy.

August will be almost as crazy busy as July. Thank you for the prayers and encouragement throughout this journey. I have truly been blessed by such amazing partners in ministry! Although this summer has been busy, I am thankful for these opportunities for trainings and seeing new faces. It is such a joy to share and for my ministry with wonderful people like you. Thanks for being with me in spirit! To God be the glory!

● August 2nd -4th – Attending Media Asset Management Summit at ABWE

● August 15th – Speaking at FBC of Albion

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

● Pray for the Media Asset Management Summit that is happening next

week at ABWE.

● Pray for T that the Lord would open his eyes to the gospel as I lead him

through the “Story of Hope”.

● Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!

● Pray for more opportunities for me to practice signing.

● Pray for additional partners for my ministry.


● Praise God for 69% of my monthly support!

● Praise God for 82% of my one-expenses! (outfit and passage)

● Praise God that I was able to complete the missions assignments required

for EMC.

● Praise God for the safe delivery of niece, Stephy!

● Praise God that DJ, Ani, and I finished the Story of Hope!

● Praise God that Jonas has finished another school year. He is doing well.


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