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Red Light Green Light

One of my favorite memories from growing up in the church was what would happen after the service was over. As the adults would fellowship with one another, us kids would go into a big empty room and play games. One of my favorite games to play was red light green light. Ironically, this month has felt like a game of red light green light. Green light, you can buy your plane tickets. Red light, you need to delay your flight. After 3 changed flights, 2 covid tests, and 1 acceptance letter in hand, I was finally given the green light. I packed as fast as I could. It felt as if I was racing towards the finish line hoping that a red light would not be called. I was so happy when I reached my dorm room in Quebec on January, 22 nd . It felt as if I had crossed the finish line.

My first morning on campus, I woke up sick. Not the ideal way to start! I am grateful the school was flexible with me. They allowed me to continue my classes virtually for the first two days until I felt better. Praise the Lord that I was able to be in person in class on Wednesday! The staff, professors, and students are great here. I am enjoying class and campus life so far. I know that I am going to enjoy my time here.

Parole de Vie is the name of the school and it translates to English as “Word of Life.” They have two programs of study, the French language school and the French Bible school. Everyone is encouraged to speak French on campus. All the Bible school students are fluent in French (for most it is their first language). During meal times in the cafeteria, French is being used. There is another beginner student, Kendall, also staying in the dorms. We often sit next to each other in the cafeteria. As we take in the French conversation, we sometimes turn to each other and say, “Someday!” “Someday” we will understand what is being said. “Someday” we won’t be scrambling trying to figure out how to respond in French. “Someday” will come. For now, we work and struggle through French to get to that “someday” soon.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement on this journey. It has been a busy month. I am excited to be in Quebec, and I look forward to what the Lord has in store for me.

God bless,

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

● Pray that I will adjust well to life in Quebec

● Pray for patience as I study and learn the French language.

● Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!

● Pray for more opportunities for me to practice signing.


● Praise God that I made it safely to Quebec!

● Praise God for 100% of my monthly support!

● Praise God for 100% of my one-time expenses support!

● Praise God that my grandfather, Leonard Ortiz, cancer is in full remission!

● Praise God for all my wonderful partners!

● Praise God for quality family time this month.

● Praise God that I received all my clearances from ABWE!

● Praise God that Jonas is doing well in school


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