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School Year Wrap up and a Surprise Visit

“DJ, you are going to get your wish. Afi is going to come over for a visit!” My nephew’s eyes grew big as he listened on the video call. “Really?” he asked with a big smile. My brother David had made a quick trip out to Holland to visit family and friends. And now he was going to fly back with my dad! The kids were beaming with excitement and anticipation after the call. We were thankful and praising God that my dad was feeling well enough to travel. It was great time having my dad in Pennsylvania for a week.

I had finished the “Way to Joy” Bible study series with the kids. They asked if they could continue on with Bible time through the “Story of Hope” series by ABWE. I got to practice the skills I learned last month from my “Bible Storying” class at ABWE by telling Bible stories to DJ and Ani. Bible time was changed into a VBS-style event. The kids loved it! While my dad was visiting, he joined us for our Bible time. It was so fun to sing the children’s songs that I grew up singing and could now enjoy with DJ, Ani, and my dad.

We also finished with homeschooling this month! I am proud of the kids with all that they accomplished with their schoolwork these last few months. It had its days, but overall it was such a joy to teach!

This last month I was able to be a part of ABWE’s "24 Hour Demo", an event that is designed for people to explore God’s calling and to learn more about ABWE. I was there as a volunteer and representative for my region and ministry. Fifty-eight people from all over the country came out to learn more about missions, and I had a great time connecting with many of them. The next Demo event is Oct. 22-23, 2021. I would encourage anyone who wants to know how to better support their missionary or is interested in missions to come out in October! ABWE covers your lodging and meals, you just need to get there! I will be at the next Demo and would love to see you there!

On June 14th , My dad and I drove back to Michigan. It was an uneventful trip. It always feels good to be back home in Holland. While I am home my focus is on a few research and reading assignments that I need to have completed before my next training in mid-July. I am making great progress as I have finished 4 out of the 6 assignments!

My other purpose for being home is to develop partnerships for my ministry. I am currently at 69% of my monthly support. I’m $50 a month away from being at 70% and $200 a month away from being at 75%! I am incredibly grateful for my partners. You are such a vital part in this ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness. We are getting so close to 100%! Please keep praying for those the Lord would have partner together with us.

On July 8th , I travel back to Pennsylvania for two weeks. I’m hoping that somewhere in those two weeks that I will meet my new niece who is due to make her arrival around July 19th. So many wonderful events are happening this summer.

  • July 12th – Panelist for New Missionary Orientation at ABWE

  • July 15th – Recognition service at ABWE

  • July 15th -18th – Trip to Liberty University

  • July 19th – 23rd – Essential Missions Components training at ABWE

  • July 29th – Sharing about missions at CBC for VBS

  • August 15th – Speaking at FBC of Albion

God bless,

Liz Ortiz

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that I will be able to finish all the needed missions assignments while I’m home.

  • Pray for T that the Lord would open his eyes to the gospel as I lead him through the “Story of Hope”.

  • Pray for safety as I travel to these different events, and pray for a safe delivery of my baby niece.

  • Pray for an ASL interpreter for Togo – big opportunity for one!

  • Pray for more opportunities for me to practice signing.

  • Pray for additional partners for my ministry.


  • Praise God for 69% of my monthly support!

  • Praise God for 79% of my one-expenses! (outfit and passage)

  • Praise God that my dad had a good visit in Pennsylvania.

  • Praise God that homeschooling has finished!

  • Praise God that construction going well on a multi-media ministry building in Togo!

  • Praise God that Jonas is doing well with school. He finishes the school year on July 16th.


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